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Reviewing Saranda

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The port city of Saranda is located in the south-eastern Albania. In front of the northern part of the island of Corfu (Greece) and 26 km near to the Greek border. In ancient times, the name of this city was Onchesmus.
According to the famous Albanian historic writer Mr.  Neritan Ceka , the city took its name from his father, the Prince of Troy “Anchises”. The name of Saranda according to Christian tradition comes since the 15th century, when 40 monks, soldiers, were beheaded by the Turks because they changed their religion. So, the people and the church declared them as saints. The name of  Santi Quaranta (Saranda) comes from two Greek words. Agii means Saints, Saranda means the number forty. Today the city is called only Saranda.

The city has a population of 30,000 inhabitants. This number triples during the summer because there are many tourists. Many inhabitants from Albania and Kosovo spend their holidays in this city, which lies on the Ionian Sea. The climate in Saranda is mild  Mediterranean and good weather most of the year.
The economy of Saranda town is based mainly on its agricultural products from the valley of Valtos, mussel farming in salt lake Vouthrotos (Butrint).
Fishing is another source of wealth and, finally, tourism, which has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

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